GMQ Debuts at The Blue Note Bistro!

16 02 2017

Friday night, February 17th!  Join my Quartetmates Alan Topolski, d, Eddie Brookshire, b, Dan Barger, s & myself at the Hot Hang that is The Blue Note Bistro.  We’ll be groovin’ from 9:00 to midnight.  Reservations Highly Recommended for Dining Room.  Speakeasy also available.  If you haven’t been there yet, you owe it to yourself.  Great Menu, Great Bar, Great Room!!

GMQ begins third year of residency at A Taste of Wine, in Miamisburg.

10 11 2016


The Votes Are In!!!

With the great, stable line-up of Eddie Brookshire, b, Matt Warner, s, & Alan Topolski, d, The Gary McCauley Quartet will hit the ground running for 2017, every 2nd Saturday of each month!

Join us at this great venue, inside at first, then on the patio as the seasons warm, as we stretch out with great music, old and new.

So far, still 7:30pm-9:30pm

(though we’ve been known to go beyond!)

No Cover!


1 06 2016

Canadian by birth, Tulsan by accident, Texan by mistake, Cincinnatian by chance and musician by choice… Taking up guitar in 1967, Gary spent his youth, into college, in rock bands… playing “classic” rock, when it was actually “contemporary” rock! A chance opportunity to share a stage with Jim Kale, of The Guess Who fame, made Gary realize that he loves the stage…. but life intervened.
After a 25 year hiatus from playing, new life in Cincinnati brought he and his passion back together. Late to jazz, his love for it and thirst for it know no limits.
He’s been a member of a handful of Cincinnati-based bands…. Turnaround, Uncovered, A Thousand Chords, Vital Organ Trio, Green Street, along with various jazz configurations… including, in addition to Ascension, Smokeless Bingo, The Dan Barger Quartet, Laney & The Tramps, Happy Hour Jones and, of course, the Gary McCauley Trio and the Gary McCauley Quartet.
Gary is endorsed by no one….well, except for his wife..

The New Thing….

12 05 2016

It’s Happy Hour Jones!


Taking my now-decade-long musical friendships with Alan Topolski & Andy Proud, then adding the exceptional SPICE of great keyboardist, Jordan Pollard, I’ve finally found the group that really gets my juices flowing’!!!  In a way, it’s back-to-the-past to find my way back to the future….  Our “Maiden Hit” was at Southgate House Revival, in Newport, and, while the audience was largely other bands on the bill, and their girlfriends, the crowd seemed to really dig it.  The, shall we say, non-related attendees were even more vocal in their approval!!….which is HUGELY gratifying.

You haven’t heard the last of this.

An Old Friend….

13 04 2016

The Gary McCauley Quartet welcomes back saxophonist Dan Barger for our May 7th appearance at Miamisburg’s A Taste of Wine…. In fact, this represents the return of the Dan Barger Quartet, including my comrades Alan Topolski on drums and Jon Lattier on bass.   Danny’s got the fire, indeed, but also loves to burn up a ballad, so settle in for a pleasant couple of hours of fine wine & jazz.  If I may,…. Orin Swift’s “Palermo” is a great premium…. It pairs well with many of the tunes that we have in mind!!

Happy Hour Jones.

4 04 2016

That is all for now.  Stay tuned.

GMQ returns to Miamisburg with a new face..

23 03 2016

The Quartet will be back at A Tate of Wine, in Miamisburg, on April 2nd, starting at 7:30..


However, along with the usual suspects of Alan Topolski on drums & John Toedtman on bass, we welcome our good friend, saxophonist Matthew Warner to the group.  Matt’s got a smooth, laid-back tone that will fit right in.  Our man, Luis Rosa will still be a welcome part of the group, but has many opportunities abroad, so we will just have to look forward to hearing from him when he’s around.  See you there…. Gary